Monday, July 24, 2006

Hezbollah and it's new-found friends

I have been censored here: and it's been an honor. The reasons given: I am "writing six-page opinions", "post 3 comments in a row" (it was a comment and 1 short clarification) and "starting a fight". I am really surprised and disgusted by the behavior of the blog owner, especially given the fact that he is considering himself a proponent of freedom. Apparently, not as in "speech".

The answer was in response to a commenter named "raphael" who claimed things like "Hezbollah cannot be defeated", "Israel is killing way too many civilians" and "talks are the only way to peace".


Israel is only targeting military-purpose constructions (infrustructure, weapons, e.t.c). Civilians die because Hezbollah - just like Hamas and Fatah before them - is using civilian population as a human shield. Have you ever heard of multi-apartment buildings in which the entire upper floor is dedicated to a missile launching stations? If people choose to live in those buildings it means that they approve of Hezbollah actions, and people that don't evacuate the buildings even after all this started cannot be even called civilians because they put themselves in harms way on purpose. In the same way Hezbollah are keeping their weapon stockpiles inside civilian houses, in the basements or bunkers beneath. Same story. Just recently I read on a blog of some journalist that stays in Beirut in a hotel full of journalists how one morning he woke up and discovered a rocket launcher in the hotel's parking lot. Interesting, isn't it? Now if Israel chooses to destroy it, bunch of journalists will start reporting "the atrocities they witnessed". And if Israel doesn't, well then, they can start launching rockets at Haifa. I am also interested to know where is Beirut's law enforcement in all of this. Don't you think they should be responsible for not having a frackin' rocket launcher in the middle of the city?! Apparently not. Finally, I will not be surprised if not all the civilians reported as killed are in fact, ahem, civilians. Have you noticed any reports about Hezbollah-proper casualties? One here, two there. After all this time? I don't think so. Reported numbers are definitely funny, and there is no way to verify them.

Now to possibility of defeating Hezbollah. War is an unpredictable thing. You cannot say "we can't win" because nobody can. You try to depict Hezbollah as some sort of Borg or Terminator III, and in the same breath of air say "so lets let them advance their cube of death on earth because there is nothing we can do. Instead, let's negotiate with Borg about how they are not going to assimilate us". Not going to happen. Hezbollah is created to fight and destroy (with help from other countries I suppose) the state of Israel. Not drive it out of Lebanon (Israel been out for 6 years now). There is nothing to talk with them about. Finally, I hope you are not suggesting that the entire Lebanese population supports Hezbollah, or even have inclination to. Besides, nobody is trying to kill all their supporters, just the Hezbollah proper. So, enough with the exaggerations.

Also funny you should mention Syria, since they are not even the first problem. The problem is that Israel is fighting Iranian revolutionary guard in Lebanon and gets hit by Iranian rockets. That same Iran who's president calls for destruction of Israel on every occasion. Do you want Israel to negotiate with his people maybe? I am sure any first bullet point in an agreeable document will be "... and the Zionist entity is no more".

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Outsourcing myself

A post on a different blog, by your's truly. Go and read. I am as facinating as always :)