Friday, February 23, 2007

Slightly shortsighted ?

Amir Peretz in a photo from today and George W. Bush in an old photo. They say Ariel Sharon did the same thing once.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

From Sudan with Love

Apparently, even while sitting in Israeli prison one can discover (even more) corruption of the current Israeli government. "What's that" you say?

Shmuel Zatam, a recent immigrant from USA, is sitting in Israeli prison on charges of "intention to kill Arabs". Not only did he bring the family hunting rifle on his way to Israel from North Carolina last March, but what's more, answering an inquiry of authorities on his future place of living he said that he intends to live in the Kfar Tapuah, the ideological center of Kach movement. Too bad he didn't know that in Israel those two facts, when put together, are considered "an attempted murder" and are sufficient for imprisonment until trial.

After spending the past 9 months in Ashkelon prison Shikma, awaiting his trial, Shmuel uncovered the following fascinating scheme. Turns out there are Sudanese prisoners sitting in Shikma prison. They are not prisoners of war that never happened. They are sitting there by agreement with Israeli government. Sudanese cross the Egyptian border where they allow themselves to be captured by the border patrol. They are shipped to Shikma where they spend the next 3 months, working. By the end of this time period they are given money they made over the 3 months, an Israeli citizenship, and are set free inside Israel to seek further employment.

Why is this being done? Because they are dirt-cheap labor, and the government can't let Palestinians in because they keep blowing themselves up in the cities, and Jews want decent pay. But why is Israeli government breaking the law and destroying the future of the state, by filling it with yet more Muslims? Because they can save a buck or two!

Back to you,
Reporting from the land of twisted mirrors, where the unjustly imprisoned are fighting to save the country from the lawfully elected.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Russia + Syria + Iran + Lebanon + Hezbollah = Love

Yes. Apparently, on January 31 2007 a Russian plain, coming from Syria, full with 600 containers of anti-tank Cornet rockets landed in Lebanon. The weapons are for Hezbollah, and were accepted by Hezbollah representative who also happens to represent Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Of course neither Russia nor Syria nor Iran nor Lebanon (of all countries) never heard of UN resolution 1701 prohibiting supplying Hezbollah with arms, but the cooperation, the cooperation is so touching.