Wednesday, March 09, 2005

There are no evil deeds 2

Pictures of dead leader of chechen rebels, Mashadov, all over the web. Russian authorities report that he was killed in a besieged bunker from a friendly fire by one of his own bodyguards. Maybe he should have hired lifeguards, or something.
Very soon after Mr. Putin proclaimed that warriors that killed Mashadov should get medals.
I really want to watch him clipping the medal to the bearded pal's heroic Muslim chest.

UPDATE 1: now there are reports that Mashadov wasn't even killed in that bunker but elsewere, and that the bunker wasn't even a bunker but a basement. Or maybe they should call it a movie set?

UPDATE 2: undisclosed source in russian ministry of internal affairs claims that the entire thing was staged. Mashadov, according to him, died of a liver problems.

UPDATE 3: Mashadov's son says Mashadov died in the bunker, but not from bombs. He claims Mashadov died fighting.

UPDATE 4: FSB claims they payed 10 m. $$ for his head. Other reports say he was tortured before killed. I bet.

Funny. So many ways to die. At least, it is one terrorist less.

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