Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Will Aim For Money"

I have an idea. Someone should pass a law banning people from working as full time journalists, writers and poets.

Take science for example. Scientist does some experiments or computations, and writes a paper. That paper will be published (if it is good) because it is written by a professional in what the paper is about, not by a professional in writing a "paper". If that same person was spending most of his day writing something, he wouldn't be called a scientist, but a charlatan, a daydreamer, a profane... Unless he gets paid. Then he becomes a writer.

I say something smells here. Writers that know how to write but have no idea about things they are writing are like mercenaries - they shoot for fun, but aim for money.

All we need is people who actually know something from their professional experience (be it politics, travels, whatever). Not everybody, just the tiny percentage that has the talent. Then we will have much fewer books and newspapers. Much fewer useless books and newspapers.

And they will be worth reading.


Woland said...

Interesting idea... What movie makers and song writers?

Yury Puzis said...

I wouldn't say "movie makers" but rather "script writers". directors are already usually professional more or less.

song writers - yes. definetly. but songs today are mostly content-less, a-priori. their biggest power is in music. music is much more powerfull then narrative, and we know much less about how to differentiate "good" music from "bad" music. that's a big problem.