Monday, July 04, 2005


Israeli government just signed a 15 year, 2.5 billion $$ deal to finance terror against itself.

Imagine you live in a desert. The only source of water on your land is a well located right next to the border with your very bad neighbor. So, you give that well to that neighbor as a present. Now you don't have any water left to drink. You are a man of principle however, and will not pay the neighbor for that water because when he was accepting the gift he promised to use the money from selling your water to buy bullets to kill you. Instead, you hire a person to be a middleman between you and your neighbor, and buy the water from him. The middleman, another neighbor, happily agrees although he has his own water to sell you. He wants the other neighbor to buy the bullets.

Back to reality. Once upon a time Barak gave Israel's only source of gas to Palestinians as a present. Now Sharon signed a 2.5 billion $ 15 year deal to buy gas from Egypt. Which signed a 2.5 billion $ 15 year deal to buy gas from Palestinians. Despite the fact that Egypt has a surplus of it's own gas, and has no buyers.


Woland said...
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Woland said...

I heard another side of the story. What I heard, that Israel was going to by that gas anyway, but the government decided to get Egypt involved, even thou that they could buy the gas directly. The goal was to get even more economic ties with Egypt.

Yury Puzis said...

1) about not wanting to buy the gas directly I refer you back to the desert water story

2) about making economic ties with Egypt:
a) egypt is still an enemy. making economic ties with enemy is making yourself dependent on him. Not 100% but who wants to loose money? So people who will stand to loose moneny will become lobby for egyptian interests
b) you know when hittler decided he is going to attack russia? when he realized stalin is threatening his oil supplies in europe. country that depends for essential thing on the enemy has already lost the war.

Woland said...

You have misunderstood what I was saying.
It is not that they don’t want to buy from that British firm, that mines for gas in PA territorial waters. They do want, but they want to kill two rabbits in one strike. By involving Egypt, they want to make sure, that Egypt will have it’s strong interest in the peace in the region. So it isn’t just lunacy, or childish game. It is a calculated move, making your story about the water in the desert irrelevant. Whether this calculation is right or wrong, this is another question.

Yury Puzis said...

I fail to see how this can make Egypt have an interest in peace in the region. Seriously. And if your answer is "well it can't but they thought it can"... then I fail to see how they can be *that* dumm.