Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This man is innocent. He killed no one this morning!

Recently Internet journal Linux-Watch accused a research group Yankee Group of biased comparisons between Windows and Linux that favor the former. Yankee Group responded. Here is a condensed, self-sufficient version of their hilarious exchange in pleasantries:

LW: Yankee Group lies!
YG: This is absolutely and utterly untrue. Sometimes we tell the truth!

LW: Yankee Group is polling a self selected group of people.
YG: Not true! We do this only sometimes! Also, we use other sources, which... we will neglect to mention here.

LW: And the group is also biased!
YG: False! They say nice things too.

LW: Yankee Group collaborated with a Microsoft subsidiary Sunbelt to create the report!
YG: Which subsidiaries? Where? We see nothin'.

LW: We caught Yankee Group lying before.
YG: We weren't hiding it... that well.

LW: So, why promote biased surveys? Maybe Microsoft's products can't win in honest ones?
YG: We are a very honest company.