Monday, February 06, 2006

Mr. Olmert's Black List

I decided to make a list of all Olmert's recent strategic mistakes, and/or really illegal actions while serving as a *temporary* replacement for a prime minister:

1. Allowing Marwan Barguti to participate in elections, and to turn his jail cell into elections office.

2. Allowing Hamas to participate in elections

3. Allowing Arabs living in Jerusalem to participate in elections (division of Jerusalem anyone?)

4. Transferring money to PA with not just Fatah, but now Hamas also in power

5. Letting the resolution about disarming Iran from WMD go to UN security council with a quote about creating a WMD free Middle East (how about just disarming Israel, without ever disarming anyone else?)

6. Creating an unnecessary and brutal confrontation between Israeli police and Israeli citizens in Amona

7. Refusing to create an independent investigation comeete to investigate Amona events

Update 1:
8. Failure to prevent wold-wide legitimization of Hamas

Just for fun. Did I forget anything important? Made a mistake? Let me know.
I have a feeling I will update this list in the future.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Nevertheless, he will still win. Olmert can afford to do all that because he had public support. Olmert is a product of his society.

Yury Puzis said...

I agree (although those mistakes do cost him votes). The damage this person has done in just a few months is already of historic proportions (not to say that things with Sharon would be much better). I wonder what's next.
Anyway he is *not* staying in power for 4 years. He will be out in 2 at most, maybe much sooner.

Stevin said...

Privit! Sorry, I speak Ukrainian and not much Russian.
Great blog.
I'm not a fan of Olmert, because he wants to continue the policy of making Israelis homeless.
I hope you're right, that he'll soon be out of power. Sooner, hopefully.

Michael Brenner said...

Do you have a counterstrategy?