Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yet another twist

Here is a funny quote from Ehud Olmert:

"They did amazing things for the country, and we do not want to make them fell like they don't belong. Part of the responsibility for the hard feelings for them is on their spiritual and political leaders, but I am not releasing the government from trying to negotiate with them".

If I didn't know what country he is talking about, I would have thought he is talking about Palestinians. Of course, Mr. Olmert refers to his own subjects, the settlers. Instead, Olmert is transferring to Hamas 45 million dollars - right after attack in Petah Tikva, and bombing of Kibutz (should I call it a settlement?). The decision is now final. And here is the twist. Just 2 weeks ago, Israeli court made a decision that Hamas must pay 20 million dollars to a family for murdering some of their relatives in Alon More. Now that the 45 million belong to Hamas, isn't Olmert obligated to act on court decision, and transfer 20 million to terror victims? By not doing so, the state of Israel is not only breaking all moral laws there are to break, not only sponsoring terror, but also doing so with the money that belongs to victims of that terror, and doing it morning after yet another terror attack.

Mr. Olmert, if you are reading this (as I am sure you are) remember this: I have family in Petah Tikva; If they got hurt, I am going to sue you.
How is that for a twist?


Irina Tsukerman said...

By the way, when I read the quote and before I read the rest of the post, I , too, thought he was talking about the Palestinians! I don't want to sue anybody, I don't want my family to get hurt *period*. That's a possibility, but I REFUSE to imagine or acknowledge that possibility.

Yury Puzis said...

I hope nobody gets hurt. Not my familly, not your's and not nobody else's. Unfortunately, the reality is challenging. People that got hurt in Petah Tikva were also someone's relatives.