Thursday, October 19, 2006

Joking at guest's expense

A creepy and revealing glimpse into Mr. Putin's psycho was allowed by his remark by the end of press conference with Israel's prime minister visiting Moscow, Ehud Olmert. Remark referred to involvement of Israeli president in several sex scandals. Toned down English translation you are likely to see (quoting The Jerusalem Post) is:
'He surprised us,' Putin said of Katsav in words picked up by a microphone before the sound was shut off.
Then, according to one official who heard the rest of the exchange, Putin said: 'We didn't know he could deal with 10 women.' To which Olmert reportedly replied, 'I wouldn't be jealous of him.'"

Wondering why Olmert thought Puting was jealous? Ministry of offence brings you an authentic, rather then "politically correct" translation. Read and admire both the difference and the substance:
"Say 'hi' to your president! [He] turned out to be a very mighty man. Raped ten women! I never expected of him! We are all jealous of him!".

What does this say about Putin? That he is in a habit of stepping on honor of his guests? That he would like to rape ten women? This cynical assault, masquerading as a supportive joke, is the true face of today's Kremlin. Remember it. We will soon see it again.


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