Sunday, October 01, 2006

Silence of the Infidels

I really like reading articles by Yashiko Sagamori. They are always sharp, uncompromising, and revealing. This time I want to share two observations she made in "Silence of the Sheep", both in the same paragraph:

What genius will be able to explain to us that the term Islamofascism is absurd because Islam itself, in its entirety, is a form of fascism? Islam is the ideology of jihad. Take jihad out of Islam and all that's left will be an elaborate set of absolutely meaningless rituals. And when someone tells you that the word jihad means the internal strife of the faithful for spiritual perfection rather than genocide waged by evil savages against the rest of humanity, keep in mind that the title of the world famous classical work on humanism that enjoys ever increasing popularity among the Muslims, Meine Kampf, translates into Arabic as My Jihad.

So, what about my Muslim friends you wonder? Probably following a recent suggestion by some professor in a university in Cairo, or maybe a calling of similar sorts, they cherry-pick what they want to follow from their religion and ignore the rest. What keeps them floating are justifications like "the parts about murdering non-Muslims were written in different times".

To me, this is similar to praising a cook book written by Hannibal Lector. "It is not all bad" they say. "Some recipes are outstanding."

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Woland said...

Thanks for pointing to this wonderful writer.
However, the link you provided doesn't work. Get rid of the "www."