Friday, May 11, 2007

Are they back?


This photo was recently taken by a journalist during violent suppression of demonstration against Putin's regime in St. Petersburg organized by "Other Russia" organization. The photo was published by the Esquire magazine. So, what does Russian authorities intend to do about this?

They are concerned. They want to find out how it could happen that SS soldiers are suppressing freedom of speech and demonstration in Russia, more then half a century after being defeated in WWII. No, strike that last one. They want to find out how it could happen that the Esquire magazine publishes "obviously fake photographs", and if it could be punished for publishing Nazi symbol, which is prohibited by law!

Good thing there is that law.

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Woland said...

You see, the Nazis live in Estonia, but these men in uniform are patriots.
On the other hand, the crowd are dangerous extremists that were gathered from various places in Russia, and were funded by a dangerous criminal living in London.

You should listen more to the Russian state channels. This way you would have a more adequate perception of Russian affairs.