Friday, April 27, 2007


This letter, from October 19, 2006, was sent by the Israeli Ministry of Justice to Russian bureau of Interpol. The content is simply astonishing.

About Gaydamak's accusations against some Israeli officials:
Wishing to avoid criminal responsibility, Gaydamak spreads in the mass media false information about the high-ranking officials of the country (including the State Attorney), insults them, accuses of committing offences, and making substantial damage to the interests of Israel and its nationals.

By making such allegations Gaydamak seeks to destabilize political situation in the country, makes threats to "to lead people" to fight those who breach the interests of people and do not protect the nationals.
And what "situation" is that exactly? Is it the one in which leading the people and protecting their interests is illegal, and serves grounds for arrest and criminal prosecution?
Now Gaydamak has invited Mr. Zvi Magen, the former ambassador of Israel to Moscow, to take a position of political adviser.

According to information available Gaydamak alleges that Magen has friendly relationship with the Russian President, has wide connections in the Russian political and business elite which he (Gaydamak) intends to use in the further fight for political leadership in Israel.
Or more specifically, is this the "situation" in which fighting for political leadership is considered illegal? Is this Israel of 2006 we are talking about? Apparently yes. But there is more.
This information may be confirmed by Gaydamak's statements which sound as an appeal to overthrow the acting Israeli government.
With the help of the cunning team of Zvi Magen and the Russian President I presume, the Beitar Football team, and the dirty political exercises such as "hiring an adviser" and "leading the people".

Mr. Blum, who authored the letter, can rest assured, that Russian Federation, and specifically Russian President Putin have lots of experience in handing such "situations". Just ask Khodorkovsky.

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